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Jen Anderson

What a pleasure to work with a real professional! Karaminder takes care of you from start to finish. If you're new to headshots -- which I was -- he will not only make you feel right at home in the studio but prepare you for the session experience in the weeks preceding. Coming prepared to your shoot isn't just about choosing the right clothes and look; it's actually a psychological process evoking your vision for success and the future. Karaminder gives you the questions, tools, and materials to get you there. If you've been sitting on the fence about whether to splurge for headshots, definitely go for it -- but use Karaminder Ghuman!

Galyn Burke

I absolutely hate having my photo taken and was dreading the entire process of getting professional photos taken. Karaminder is both an incredibly talented artists and a great coach for his clients. He helped me feel comfortable and gave me concrete and sage advice about how to get photos that were both flattering and natural. The photos Karaminder took exceeded my expectations in every way and I am so grateful to have chosen to work with him for my photos. If you need natural and flattering photos that convey exactly what you're trying to communicate, work with Karaminder - especially if you are insecure behind the camera and need a funny, experienced and skilled professional to lead you through the process.

Rich LeFurgy

This is my favorite headshot that I've ever had taken. Karaminder is a total pro- he gave me great direction to get what we were going for and worked hard with lots of options even though I was ready to call it a day.

Celeste Demitrios

If you need a head shot, I highly recommend Karaminder. He immediately made me feel comfortable so I could pay attention to his coaching. His expertise and experience in understanding how to bring the best out in a person was made clear as we reviewed shots and modified poses which led to significant improvements. Give him a call so you can get to know him and find out more about the process.

Raymond Hsu

Easy peasy! Karaminder was easy to communicate and schedule a session with. The photo session was fun, efficient, and professional. Would highly recommend him if you're in need of a headshot for any professional or personal use.